Saturday, May 21, 2011

What Preset Should I Put My iTunes Equalizer In?

Ya... so most of you probably didn't even know you had an iTunes equalizer. Or wait maybe I should start out with telling you wtf an equalizer is for all you n00bs out there. Your =izer adjusts the balance between different frequencies of your music. Basically you can adjust the bass, mids, and treble. Conveniently your iTunes has one of these audio miracles in it, just click window on the top bar and then equalizer. Now, I dont recommend adjusting the frequencies yourself unless you have a lot of experience in music in which case you probably stopped reading a long time ago. NO NEED TO FRET! Your iTunes equalizer conveniently has many presets to choose from, I suggest playing with around with them to find the right one. Once you find one you like, trust me going back to flat (normal) will sound like crap. I use the  spoken word preset since a lot of my library is rap, but I actually leave it on spoken word all the time because I think it sounds great with everything especially in my Dre headphones :p.


  1. I dont use presets because flat plays the song as it was meant to be played.If you put a preset on it changes the way the song is mixed .

    1. Thats not completely true. Some headphones lack in certain areas...