Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Adam F meets De La Soul

If you want to hear something new and a bit out of the ordinary, check out Time 4 Da True by Adam F featuring De La Soul.  Yes I know, the name is shit, but you will have this bangin beat on repeat, no doubt. English drum and bass DJ, Adam F, cooks up a truly funky beat with bass lines that get your feat tapping. This oldschool jungle track gets me thinking of songs like Super Fly by Curtis Mayfield. Adam F really is to thank for the spice in this track and I hope to hear more from the relatively unknown DJ who also created the score for the movie "Ali G Indahouse"as well as several albums which are on my to listen to list. Adam F doesn't seem to be commin' up the hip hop ranks considering his first album released was in 1994 but I know my true underground fans dont give a shit. Somehow this low key DJ paired up with De La Soul and this bizarre team took the best of their worlds and mixed up this masterpiece. De La Soul  raps on the track with there typical legendary flow giving a sort of fast paced Nas rap sound which I really liked. If your lovin' the song I recommend checking out Callin' Out by Lyrics Born, the songs are similar in that they both integrate good rap with funky rhythms. Unfortunately you won't find this song on itunes for some reason so heres the link to the mediafire download

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  1. Its a little heavy for me but the lyrics are just smooth and its great listening.