Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mainstream Rappers: What to Dig and What to Ditch

Post By DJ WeezyFucktardBaby or WFB

    Although mainstream rappers, or pop artists (like Lil Wayne and his cohorts), usually get a bad rap  (no pun intended, actually fuck yeah pun intended) on the underground, lets not forget that there are still some great rappers out there making big bucks. Albiet most of these once great rappers have fallen off, they still have some great music to listen to. This periodical will be written with several installments of "What to Dig and What to Ditch"

What to Dig:
The Eminem Show (2002)- In possibly one of the greatest albums ever released, Eminem drops too many hits to count. The songs on this album are always playing in my car or iPod because they simply do not get old.
      Best Songs:
                         Say What You Say, White America,  Sing For the Moment, Hallie's Song (One of the best songs, ever...)
Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2003)- Before he was pulling  in cash from VitaminWater and that stupid Clothing line, 50 Cent was a somewhat unknown rapper,  but he  was an emerging star. This album typifies that. 50  dropped smooth choruses, impeccable lyrics and untouchable flow for almost every song on this album and no matter what the rest of the post says, this album, yes the entire album, is a must listen for every true rap fan out there.  One of 50 Cent's pre-fame releases was The Power of the Dollar (2000), is also worth a listen with  a few killer songs.
     Best Songs:
                        All of em except for Blood Hound.

What to Ditch (Do it ASAP):
Anything 50 Cent Post Massacare (2005)- In a much hyped album release in 2007, 50 Cent dropped a stinker, Curtis. It seemed to the rap world as if he had gotten to deep into the money making aspect of life, and boy was it true. Curtis was one of the least listenable-to albums ever. Literally every song was solely a reference to money or sex. In 2009, a much delayed release, 50 Cent released Before I Self Destruct. Although the album wasn't horrible (nothing could be worse than Curtis), it still focused on violence and dark beats.

Written by DJ WFB

Damn, you two have fallen off, a lot. Still gotta respect legends (although they have turned into cash printing moguls)

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