Sunday, May 22, 2011

Worst Rappers of the Decade Pt. 1

Soulja Boy
  As Ice T so eloquently put it "Fuck Soulja Boy, Eat a Di**... this nigga single handedly killed hip hop." Ladies and gentlemen, lets not kid ourselves, this man could be charged with murder for what he has done. His complete lack of rhythm, flow and comprehendible lyrics would be enough to put him on this list alone, but its what he turned himself into that has angered so many of us real hip hop fans. The man created a sensation among young Americans that's effects are still felt today. "Jerking" and "Duggying" are direct descendants of Soulja Boy and his dumbass dance. Thanks a lot asshole. As Snoop said "Soulja Man, that shit was bullshit."

Written by DJ WFB

Only douchebags take pictures of themselves in the mirror...

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