Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jackie Chain: A Rap Dragon

Jackie Chain aka "Mr. VIP" is a half white and half Korean rapper from Huntsville, Alabama. He has been rapping since the 5th grade. Jackie Chain had a rough childhood growing up. His mother left him when he was 2 years old and his father kicked him out of the house at age 16. He then hustled on the streets to get by which landed him in prison. Prison was where he started to take his rapping seriously and where he got the name "Jackie Chain". The story goes that the inmates called him "Jackie Chan" but because of their southern drawl it sounded like "Jackie Chain" and he kept that as his rapping name ever since. Jackie Chain has two mixtapes out: Fear the Future and Who Am I both released in 2008.

Rollin is one of Jackie Chain's biggest hits so far. The term "rollin" is a slang for being under the influence of the drug ecstasy. The instrumental of Rollin uses the sample of Robert Mile's Children. Gucci Mane on the chorus saying "Rollin, rollin, rollin, we ain't slept in weeks".  I recommend checking out the remix with Kid Cudi (CAUTION: very addictive)

My favorite song by Jackie Chain has got be Haze. In Haze you really hear the potential of Jackie Chain to start rising up the ranks. When Chain sings in the song his distinct whiney voice is accompanied by a very unique rap that hits all the right notes and tends stress the last rhyme of each stanza. You can hear the dual ethnicity (asian and white) in his voice. I believe the future of Jackie Chain beholds a spot for him on the top 100 charts. I can see his style catching on with hip pop (top 40 hip hop), especially since he makes good use of auto tune which seems to be trending at the moment. Jackie Chain has been praised by his friend and rap star, Whiz Khalifa. They have similar styles so if your a fan of one you may like the other.

Download link for Rollin feat. Kid Cudi - Jackie Chain Click Here

Download link for Haze - Jackie Chain Click Here

The actual Jackie Chain

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