Saturday, May 21, 2011

E-DUBBLE - A Rising Star

I have been listening to E-DUBBLE for a few months now and he never fails to give me something entertaining to listen to. I got into his mixtape called free style friday which gave fun weekly track releases. I see big things for this indie Baltimore rapper, especially after I saw that Aziz Ansari and Collegehumor created a a rap video using the rapper's track "Hampden Parks", which mixes the Parks and Recs theme song. E-DUBBLE'S new single, "Changed My Mind", is worth listening to if your into a rasp/crispy deep voice and quick rhythm. It also contains his signature vocal/melodic chorus which makes you want to sing along. The progressive instrumentals in most of his songs tend to give them a pop-ish sound at times and the music isn't very deep or thought provoking, but if you need an uplifting song to sing along to I recommend checking out E-DUBBLE.

Here is a link to listen to "Changed My Mind" - Click Here

And heres a download of my favorite song by E-DUBBLE, "Automatic" - Click Here

This is the Parks and Recs rap I was talking about

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