Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sick Ass Sweater

I WANT THIS SWEATER SO BAD! If anyone finds where to get one comment.
Live Through This

Friday, June 17, 2011

Papoose, "Alphabetical Slaughter"

This is a supa original and unique song in which up and comin' rapper, Papoose, spits verses according to each letter of the alphabet. Its just something cool I thought I would share.
Whether Fat Joe did, in fact, lay a proportionately oversized smackdown of upstart rapper,Papoose, we'll never know. We can be certain, however, that the brash Bedford-Stuyvesant product has been performing a bloody coup on the NYC mixtape scene. Here's a classic Pap/KaySlay collabo. Move ova, Hova. Download/Listen below.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Best Hip Hop Album To Workout To: The Best Of DMX

Plannin' on workin' out this summer? If yes, download this album for a bunch of Hip Hop songs that will go well with your workout. The songs are not only great for pumpin' iron, they will also motivate you during a jog or run. My favorite songs are Where the Hood At, Ruff Ryder's Anthem, What's My Name, Party Up (Up in Here), X Gon Give It to Ya, Damien, and Stop Being Greedy.
Heres a torrent/download link for the album:

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Contest! Write Game’s New “R.E.D. Nation” Verse | Pigeons & Planes

Check it out – you could ghost write a verse in a Game song. The winner’s lyrics will be placed in the single and publicized by Interscope Records. This is your chance. Put on “Lose Yourself” and get to writing, you f**kers.
• Participants should play the audio file and record a video rapping their chosen lyrics and upload to YouTube or Vimeo to submit
• Participants must also submit their lyrics (up to 1000 characters) in the description field
• The verse submitted must be original
Red Nation ft Lil Wayne (INST) by Talenthouse

GREAT PERFORMANCE: Ice Cube Live On the Jimmy Kimmel Show (Video)

Ice Cube may be one of the biggest sell outs of all time but I still love his music and apparently he is tremendous live. The song he performs is "It Was A Good Day", a true hip hop classic. I put a download link for the song below.

Pushing Buttons - DJ Shadow, DJ Numark and Cut Chemist (Video)

If your a DJ start taking notes cuz these guys no what they're doing. The 3 DJs from Jurassic 5 (DJ Numark, Cut Chemist, and DJ Shadow) come together for some seriously awesome stuff. Check out 3:55 for my favorite part.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Day In The Life Of An Underground Artist: The Alchemist (Video)

This is a great producer and you guys should check out his ish.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Say Hello To LIL' BIEBZY!

What happens when you mix Lil Wayne and Justin Bieber. Some sick f**k decided to take the 2 worst artist of all time and put them together. SHEILD YOUR EYES!

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FML...Lil Wayne is Going to Perform "Hail Mary" On MTV


So called rapper, Lil Wayne, plans on paying homage to arguably the best rapper of all time. The piece of $h*t rapper is gonna crap all over the legendary song, "Hail Mary" by 2Pac, on MTV's "Unplugged". The "Unplugged" special plans on airing June 12 so listen to the song as much as you can before Lil Wayne ruins it for you. PLEASE Lil Wayne, you've already done enough to destroy popular hip hop as it is, DON'T RUIN the good old school stuff, its all I have left! 2Pac is probably rolling over in his grave right now... THIS IS BLASPHEMY! Heres a video of the most terrible rapper to walk the earth explaining why he wants to ruin the amazing song.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Celestial Clockwork by Illogic: The Deepest Rap Song Of All Time

Celestial Clockwork is the perfect song for underground fans who seek meaning and depth as well as a good beat in their music. The beats are very smooth and melodic, but at the same time they hit hard. They will make you want to breathe deep, meditate, and bob your head at the same time. The lyrics... where can I begin? They are certainly as poetic and intelligent as Illogic has ever been. The lyrical brilliance of the song is simply mind bending. It is an exemplary display of emotional introspective poetry. For those of you who don't believe that rap can be a form of poetry, I ask you to listen to this song and say so. I would like to play this for Drake or Chris Brown just to watch them internally combust as they try to comprehend the song as well as the meaning of true Hip Hop.
I suggest checking out the rapgenius page for the song to get interpretations on the meaning of the lyrics.

Heres the download for Celestial Clockwork by Illogic

If you like the song I recommend downloading this favorite of mine, Makeshift Patriot by Sage Francis

The King Of Bud - Has Stoped Smoking Bud

Long time Marijuana connoisseur, Scott Mescudi (aKa Kid Cudi), quite smoking last month. Yes it's true, I SWEAR! He gives an explanation in the first video posted below. The lonely stoner may have quit smoking herb, but Kid Cudi's latest video, "Marijuana," will always serve as a reminder of his high times. A great music video for weed lovers which is surprisingly well directed by Cudi's pal, Shia LaBeouf. Some fans were confused by the video, however, given that on April 1, Kid Cudi announced on his Tumblr page that he had given up smoking weed. The singer/actor assures us that nothing has changed. The music video is posted as the second video below.

"It's something I did before I decided to quit smoking marijuana," Cudders explained of the video. "However, I didn't want to deprive people of the footage, deprive people of the video because of my personal decisions. It was almost like an R.I.P. video to my whole smoking career." 

I fear the effects the sudden halt of smoking will have on the weed lover's music, considering most of his music revolves around the illegal substance. But only time will tell...

Post by DJyakobian

Listen to and download Marijuana by Kid Cudi below