Sunday, June 5, 2011

The King Of Bud - Has Stoped Smoking Bud

Long time Marijuana connoisseur, Scott Mescudi (aKa Kid Cudi), quite smoking last month. Yes it's true, I SWEAR! He gives an explanation in the first video posted below. The lonely stoner may have quit smoking herb, but Kid Cudi's latest video, "Marijuana," will always serve as a reminder of his high times. A great music video for weed lovers which is surprisingly well directed by Cudi's pal, Shia LaBeouf. Some fans were confused by the video, however, given that on April 1, Kid Cudi announced on his Tumblr page that he had given up smoking weed. The singer/actor assures us that nothing has changed. The music video is posted as the second video below.

"It's something I did before I decided to quit smoking marijuana," Cudders explained of the video. "However, I didn't want to deprive people of the footage, deprive people of the video because of my personal decisions. It was almost like an R.I.P. video to my whole smoking career." 

I fear the effects the sudden halt of smoking will have on the weed lover's music, considering most of his music revolves around the illegal substance. But only time will tell...

Post by DJyakobian

Listen to and download Marijuana by Kid Cudi below  

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