Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Super Short Review On Beats by Dr. Dre - Studio

My Super Short Review On Beats by Dr. Dre - Studio

Pros: Great sound quality, they look swag as f**k, good warranty, impenetrable noise cancellation, & they keep their value

Cons: Flimsy, leak noise like a mother f**ker, requires 2 aaa batteries (this is actually normal for noise canceling headphones), & pricey

Overview: I have had my headphones for over a year and I am a very happy man. I bought a white pair on black friday from apple for $229.99. Its pretty crazy how their value has increased over a $100 in the past year :) (current retail price is $350). The headphones have the perfect sound and especially bass for true hip hop lovers. I tried a pair of similarly priced bosed headphones and the sound quality and noise canceling was a tad bit better but they looked like total crap. I won't lie, I sacrificed that bit of quality for how great the studio headphones looked. I would just like to mention that if your interested in purchasing a pair for yourself, watch out for the price. Monster Cable, the product creator (no Dr. Dre didn't actually make them stupid...), has been known to overprice there products so try and get a deal for at least 300 bucks. Overall I'd give them a 7.8/10 rating. Watch the video below to get a more in depth review. Also check out the new poll!

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